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3D images of nano, small, medium and large, rimless aquariums with various sizes and dimensions

Rimless Aquarium Sizes


Rimless aquarium sizes vary and they can get a bit expensive, but they’re always a nice step up from traditional breeder tanks with plastic black frames.  Depending on your layout or the fish you want to showcase, selecting the right size can make a difference in design.  Are you keeping large cichlids or nano fish? Do you have a tall and heavy rock set up in mind?  Is the landscape you’re envisioning more wide and shallow?  Or is this simply a small betta set up in your bedroom next to your gaming desk?  There’s a lot to consider and if done right, it can become a centerpiece in any space. 

Freshwater aquascape aquarium with big natural root, live plants such as anubias, pteropus trident.

Placement and Size

One of the first things to identify in your set up is where this aquarium will go because that will dictate how large your tank can get.  The volume and dimensions can limit the landscape you want create and what livestock you can keep in your aquarium.  

You’ve probably heard people say on fish forums, “the bigger the aquarium, the better.”  The size reference is true because the bigger the water volume, the more stable the water parameters will be.  Try to remember that you’re creating a contained ecosystem.  Sudden changes can be harmful, so the larger body of water will help resist and recover from dramatic changes.  Accidentally dipping soapy hands into the water can cause more harm in a 5 gallon tank than a 50 gallon tank. This applies not only to soapy hands, but the addition of any water conditioners, treatments, plant supplements, and even fish food!  Overfeeding the fish results in polluted water, and the smaller tanks take longer to break down that waste and recover.

Rimless Aquarium Sizes

If you’re considering a rimless aquarium, then you’ve probably come across the famous and beautiful ADA tanks.  For those on the imperial system, the next thing you probably do is open up a new browser window and search “ convert liters to gallons” and “convert cm to inches.”  Aquascaping is a world-wide phenomena and some of the best glass manufacturers are abroad, so you’ll continuously find things in the metric system which can take some getting used to.

If you’re more of a visual learner, these diagrams below can help you compare different rimless aquarium sizes to choose for in your next set up.  It’s always helpful to visually see the tank shape with its dimensions along with data.  Not to forget the different naming conventions sometimes associated with certain brands.

Nano to Small Rimless Sizes

Nano tanks are generally considered less than 10 gallons.  If you plan to include fish, confirm their max size and how many can be placed.  Some good recommendations would be smaller danios or perhaps a single betta.  If your space can accommodate a slightly larger tank, push for a small size which can give you a bit more flexibility.

3D images of large, rimless aquariums with various sizes and dimensions.
Nano and Small rimless aquariums – available on Amazon

Medium Rimless Aquarium Sizes

With a little more room, a small to medium size tank gives you the ultimate flexibility while providing a very stable water column.  Many aquarist will say that keeping a 20-30 gallon tank is ideal for steady water parameters and routine maintenance.

3D images of medium, rimless aquariums with various sizes and dimensions.
Medium rimless aquariums – available on Amazon

Large Rimless Aquariums Sizes

And of course, if you have the space, money and time for longer routine maintenance, go big!  Large rimless aquariums can become a statement piece in your home.  You can definitely play with more hardscape, landscape and your fish selection dramatically increases.

3D images of large, rimless aquariums with various sizes and dimensions
Large Rimless Aquariums – available on Amazon

All Things Considered

Rimless aquariums are definitely a step up for your planted tank.  Their minimal appearance allows your aquascape to become the focus without a plastic border.  They start to get expensive though, especially when you add a nice stand and glass lily pipes.  Take your budget into consideration, along with the location in your home, and the livestock and landscape you wish to create.  Also, remember to keep it away from sunny windows, unless you’re trying to grow algae.  Up your next setup and give a rimless aquarium a try.

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