Super red bristlenose pleco catfish (Ancistrus sp. "Super Red").

Types of Pleco Catfish

Overview There are many types of pleco catfish that can join your freshwater community.  These suckermouth catfishes are often advertised as algae-eating “tank cleaners”, but can actually produce a lot of waste themselves.  It’s a common misconception to just buy them and let them eat the crap in your tank.  They do require a balanced...Continue reading

Dwarf pea puffer fish (Carinotetraodon travancoricus).

Dwarf Pea Puffers

Overview Dwarf Pea Puffers are awesome little predators.  They’ve become popular in the aquarium world for their adorable appearance and personality.  Let’s not forget their unique way of swimming.  They have tiny fins that flutter fast like a hummingbird, suspending themselves and maneuvering through the aquarium like a helicopter or drone.  If startled, they can...Continue reading

sulawesi shrimp care

Sulawesi Shrimp

Overview Sulawesi Shrimp is a Caridina species that is slowly gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby.  Their attractive colors and patterns make them really unique and an absolute feature in any aquarium.  Native exclusively to the lake regions of Sulawesi, Indonesia, they’re considered endangered or possibly extinct in the wild. Conservation groups are taking strides...Continue reading

powder blue and red dwarf gourami fish

Types of Gourami

Overview There are many different types of gourami that can make a beautiful centerpiece to your aquarium. They range in sizes from from popular dwarf sizes up to giant 24 inches. Contrary to common belief, they are labyrinth fish related to the aggressive betta species. They are generally peaceful as a single species with other...Continue reading

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