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sulawesi shrimp care

Sulawesi Shrimp

Overview Sulawesi Shrimp is a Caridina species that is slowly gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby.  Their attractive colors and patterns make them really unique and an absolute feature in any aquarium.  Native exclusively to the lake regions of Sulawesi, Indonesia, they’re considered endangered or possibly extinct in the wild. Conservation groups are taking strides...Continue reading

bloody mary shrimp

Shrimp Tank Mates

Overview Aquarium shrimp are not only great scavengers, but they add a nice pop of color to any community tank.  They’re peaceful in nature, unique in appearance and are relatively active day and night.  The most common are the ornamental Caridina and Neocaridina species; Cherry shrimp being one of the most popular.  The water requirements...Continue reading

Amano shrimp in planted tank.

Amano Shrimp

Overview Caridina Japonica, otherwise known as Amano Shrimp, originated from Japan and was popularized by Takashi Amano.  They’re voracious algae eaters which is why he used them in his planted tanks.  Being one of the best algae eating shrimp, they’re one of the few species that will even eat black beard algae.  Amano Shrimp are...Continue reading

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