Amazon Prime Day 2023 - Aquarium Equipment - Planted Tank Mates

Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Aquarium Equipment

General Overview

Amazon Prime Day is here for summer 2023, and that can mean a lot of things for folks.  Some may say the deals aren’t that great, while others may say they hit the jackpot.  Regardless, aquascapers and fishkeepers can use this as an opportunity to stock or prepare for their next setup.  Browsing through all the products can be a headache, so we went through the aisles and did some homework for you.  Here’s a list of categories worth mentioning in this summer’s Prime Day and a few items that are more than just a couple bucks savings.


There’s a plethora of aquarium lights on sale, 6 pages to be exact.  A majority are all LEDs and they come in a variety of sizes for your nano tanks or your 48” long.  If you have a heavily planted tank, aim for the full spectrum LED with an integrated timer.  The integrated timers will save another device from crowding your outlets.  You can take it to the next step by getting a full spectrum LED with an adjustable light control.  That’ll allow you to fine tune your lights according to your plant’s stage of growth and algae.

This Nicrew full spectrum LED is suitable for smaller tanks and comes with adjustable lights.

Brand name options such as Hygger is also available.  This one is suitable for larger tanks and synchronizes via bluetooth to your phone for full customization.

API Brand Water Test and Treatment

Is your water conditioner running low?  Need something to help combat algae?  Or do you simply need to purchase that water test kit and start keeping a proper journal log?  There’s a whole range of API products available, including their popular Master Test kit.  These are all on sale ranging from 15% – 40%, and they take a while to expire.  Not a bad idea to have some back up stock ready.

Aquascaping Tools

If you’re new to aquascaping, you’ll quickly realize that you need some proper tools to manage your underwater garden.  Stainless steel tools are always the best as they resist rust and corrosion.  The most basic kits include a substrate scraper, angled scissors and tweezers.  These 2 sets are 40% off and come in stainless silver or black.


Maintenance Equipment

A special shout out to for all the gravel cleaners on Amazon Prime Day, about 5 pages worth.  Some deals are only a few bucks, while others can be $15+.  Sizes all vary and a majority of them are 4 stars and above.  You may be running out of excuses for not maintaining your aquarium.


Surprisingly, driftwood is hot this summer.  Some size options can save you up to 48%.  The unfortunate part is that there is no selection process; you get what you get.  If you want to say the glass is half full, the random selection is part of the challenge.  Give it a try and see if you can create something great out of the pieces they send you.


Miscellaneous items

There are a handful of items we want to acknowledge as well.  They may not be door busting deals, but good options to look into for your setup.  

  • These hang on back filters are always easy to maintain and great to have as a back up.
  • If you have multiple tanks on a rack and want to minimize air pumps, this Multi-outlet pump can support up to 4 tanks.  It has 4.5 stars and a lot of users claim it to be really quiet.  Oh, it’s also 45% off.

  • Summer is here and it’s starting to get hot!  For those who have tanks in a garage or unconditioned space, you might have been searching for a water chiller.  This unit also has 4.5 stars and is $60 off.

  • Another good back up supply is a heater.  You never know when yours may malfunction and how long it would take to get a replacement.  This Woliver submersible 150W heater is good for 13 – 21 gallons.  The Orlushy submersible heater is not a bad option either.  Their 500W one can support 40-75 gallon tanks.


All things considered

Shopping through Prime Day deals can be just as exhausting as going through a mall during the holidays.  While they’re not equivalent to Black Friday sales, they’re still good bargains that can support you in the hobby.  Hopefully the timing is right and you’ll be able to score something sweet for your setup.  If not, it’s always good to have some reserve stock in case of an emergency.

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